What We Do

OrbMedic is developing technology that can detect and decode emotions and take autonomous actions to improve your health and wellness. "No matter what life throws at us".
Humans are emotional beings, and we go through a wide spectrum of emotions daily, these emotions have a
major impact on our motivation and behavior.

Understanding what these emotions represents can help us anticipate health and wellness more accurately. What if there was a way to detect these emotional patterns early on, determine a prognosis, and intervene to slow, stop, or even reverse the disorder's progression?

Detect Emotions


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Transcend Health and Wellness

Transcend Health
& Wellness

The purpose of monitoring emotions is to achieve health and wellness balance.

Learn how we can assist you in assessing and improving your health and wellness today.

Your physiological, psychological, social, and environmental states are all intertwined. OrbMedic's patent-pending approach analyses your unique emotional patterns and provides targeted therapy to alleviate the condition.

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Meticulously engineered to help improve your health and wellness.